Can Safety Concerns Affect a Custody Agreement?

child custody agreement

In a divorce or separation, the goal is to create simple custody arrangements, often called ‘spend time arrangements,’ that allow both parents to spend time with their children. However, what happens when one parent doesn’t believe that the other parent can provide a safe environment for their child(ren)? What if there are real concerns about…

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Do Family Law Courts View Financial Contributions and Homemakers as Equal in Property Disputes?

Property disputes

The way the family law court perceives financial contributions and the role of homemakers in property disputes has sparked intense debate. The big question in these disputes is whether family law courts treat financial contributions and homemakers’ contributions equally when dividing property. It involves evaluating and valuing non-financial contributions like homemaking, child-rearing and household management,…

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Claiming Bankruptcy to Stop a Property Settlement – What You Need to Know

Claiming Bankruptcy to Stop a Property Settlement

If a de facto spouse tried to frustrate, or prevent, a property settlement by claiming bankruptcy, it would likely leave you feeling disappointed and annoyed. Witnessing someone deliberately using bankruptcy to undermine a fair distribution of assets can be disheartening and leave you with a sense of injustice. In this article, we’ll look at one…

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How Do You Know If You’re in A De-Facto Relationship?

De-facto relationship

The concept of a de-facto relationship isn’t new, and you’ve probably heard the phrase many times before. Working out whether you’re in a de-facto relationship can be complex and at times confusing, but it can also be an important factor when it comes to separation. So, let’s take a look at what being in a…

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Choosing or Changing Schools After Separation

Changing schools

Choosing which school your child will attend is a big decision for every parent, and if you have separated from your partner, it gets even more complex. After a separation, there are lots of things to consider from custody arrangements to financial agreements, and on top of all this you will need to decide on…

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What You Need to Know About Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance

So, you have separated from your partner and now you’re wondering how you’ll make ends meet. Financial stress after separation is one of the most challenging aspects of separation or divorce. On top of dividing assets, you must rearrange your lifestyle to fit into an often significantly smaller budget. Spousal maintenance may be able to…

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Can Family Trusts Affect Your Property Settlement Agreement?

Property settlement agreement

So, you’ve separated from your spouse, and you have a Family Trust. It’s no secret that having a Family Trust can complicate property settlement negotiations, and you might find yourself wondering how it all works. Is it part of a property settlement agreement and can you withdraw a Family Trust distribution before an agreement is…

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What Are Your Rights as A Grandparent?

Rights as a grandparent

When a relationship fails, it’s often a turbulent time for parents and children. While working out care arrangements for children, it’s common for the rights of a grandparent to be left out of the conversation and subsequent decisions. This is particularly true if you have a tenuous relationship with your daughter or son. Grandparents often…

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Are You Anxious About Your Custody Arrangement?

Custody Arrangement

While a shared custody arrangement might seem like the best choice for everyone involved after separation, it is not always easy. Learning how to deal with being separated from your children when it’s the other parents turn to have access can be just as devastating and challenging, if not more so, than the separation from…

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Parenting After Separation – Can You Move States?

parenting after separation

Separating from your partner is a major life-changing event. Often, when you go through a period of great change, you notice opportunities that didn’t exist before – like being closer to your family or starting a new career. But what happens when these opportunities require major change, such as moving states? Who makes the decisions…

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