Choosing or Changing Schools After Separation

Changing schools

Choosing which school your child will attend is a big decision for every parent, and if you have separated from your partner, it gets even more complex. After a separation, there are lots of things to consider from custody arrangements to financial agreements, and on top of all this you will need to decide on…

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Is Shared Care the Best Option for My Child?

Shared care

Separating from your partner is a big deal and if you have children, you have a lot to work out. One of the biggest decisions you need to make is how you and your ex-partner will share your time with your child. You probably have a lot of questions about parenting arrangements like what is…

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Shared Custody Arrangements – Overnight Access with Under 4s

Shared custody arrangements

When you separate from your ex-partner, it’s natural to want to organise shared custody arrangements (known as live with arrangements) quickly so you can maintain a strong relationship with your children. But what if your children are under four? Can overnight time happen so young? What do you need to consider?  What does research and…

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Joint Custody and Separating Siblings After Divorce or Separation

Joint Custody

Separating from your partner is a challenging time for everyone involved. There is a lot to work out, and often one of the most important decisions that need to be made is how care of any children will be shared. When there’s more than one child, it’s tempting to consider a joint custody agreement where…

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The Importance of a Quality Family Law Affidavit


In Family Law proceedings, it goes without saying that you want to present a strong case in your favour so that you can move on with your life, with closure. The most crucial factor in doing this is having a well-prepared, good quality family law affidavit. What is an affidavit? An affidavit is a sworn…

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Parenting Influences – Do You Parent How You Were Raised?

parenting influences

You may recall the Harry Chapin song “Cats in the Cradle” where Harry sang in part my boy is just like me … Harry, by singing this phrase, reflected on how he parented and how his son turned out “just like me” as it were. This explains why so many people wake up in their 20s…

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What Do I Need To Know About Making A Child Support Agreement?

child support agreement

Separating from your partner is a stressful time for everyone involved. There is a lot to organise, from where the kids will live to how you will divide your property. With so much going on, it can be easy to forget some essential admin jobs – like working out a child support agreement. Talking about…

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