Family Law

Do you need assistance with family law? We are here for you

If you are reading this page, chances are you need help with a family situation, and we understand you could be going through a tough time right now.

Most legal practices have one or two main areas of expertise that they are known for – and at Joliman Lawyers one of those areas is family law. You’ll find that we are thorough, professional, and empathetic. Relationship breakdowns are extremely stressful for everyone involved, our team of family law experts will do everything we can to guide and support you through the family law minefield to minimise anxiety and achieve the best outcome.

Arrangements for children

Working out live with and spend time arrangements (formally known as custody and access arrangements) for children is usually the top priority for parents when they separate, and understandably is worrying and taxing emotionally, as there is a lot to consider.  We can help you to discuss living arrangements with your ex-partner, and assist you reach an agreement that is in the best interest of your children.


If you have been separated from your spouse for more than 12 consecutive months, you may be considering making your separation formal with a divorce. In Australia, a Divorce is granted on a ‘no fault’ basis which means you don’t need to prove who was at fault for the breakdown of the marriage. All that has to be proved is that your marriage has irretrievably broken down for a period exceeding 12 consecutive months and there is no reasonable chance that you will reconcile.

We can help you prepare your application and ensure you have considered every aspect of your separation before it goes to court.  Even if you never formalised your relationship through marriage, there are still things which may need to be agreed on and finalised, so you can go your separate ways.

Grandparents’ access to grandchildren

Grandparents play a significant and important role in the upbringing and nurturing of children. Often access to their grandchildren is affected, if not prevented altogether when parents separate.

We can help grandparents to get back into the picture again with advice and assistance reaching an agreement with the children’s parents.

Mediation or Family Dispute Resolution

Have you reached the stage where you are struggling, or just can’t talk to your partner or former partner without fighting? It’s time to consider mediation. As accredited Family Dispute Resolution practitioners (aka mediators) we can help you discuss and reach an agreement on matters such as children’s living arrangements, and separating assets and finances. Mediation is an empowering process that puts you and your former partner in the decision-making chair, rather than giving that over to a judge to decide for you. It also has the added benefit of being a lot cheaper than going through court proceedings.

Property and asset distribution

Separating property and finances doesn’t need to be a tug of war; there is a better way, and we can help you achieve it. Our experienced team will guide you through the process by providing advice and assistance in negotiating and writing up a binding agreement, that both of you can live with of course each matter is different. Be sure you get the right advice, contact our expert team for your tailored approach.

Let us help you with your family law needs

We know there is a lot to consider when separating, and our experienced team is here to help make the transition as smooth as possible. We will handle your case with the sensitivity and care it deserves, while giving you honest advice, so you can achieve closure and move on.

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