Expert Insights: Swan Hill Conveyancing Tips for Smooth Property Transactions

Swan Hill Conveyancing

Joliman Lawyers’ Swan Hill conveyancing team is committed to offering personalised and expert help, ensuring that property transactions in the community are not just seamless but tailored to the unique needs of locals. With a focus on understanding the intricacies of Swan Hill’s real estate landscape, our dedicated team brings with them a wealth of…

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Streamline Your Property Transaction With Expert Conveyancing Services in Echuca

conveyancing services in Echuca

Choosing to buy or sell property is a significant life decision, and having an expert by your side can offer valuable legal guidance and protection. These professionals help you navigate the complexities of property transactions, ensuring contracts are fair and legal requirements are met. With this expertise, you can confidently make informed decisions throughout the…

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Navigating The Sale Of Property From A Deceased Estate

Deceased estate property sale

Selling property from a deceased estate involves a complex process of transferring ownership and selling the assets owned by an individual who has passed away. This process includes legal, financial and emotional aspects, making it a topic of great significance. It’s crucial to understand how to navigate these complexities, as it’s not just about following…

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How Long Do You Have to Finalise a Property Settlement After Separation?

property settlement after separation

Divorce is a major turning point in life, bringing the division of assets and property to the forefront. Dividing assets becomes a vital aspect, considering the numerous factors involved in the process of separation. For most people, completing a property settlement quickly is preferable as it enables them to move on with their lives. But…

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Can Safety Concerns Affect a Custody Agreement?

child custody agreement

In a divorce or separation, the goal is to create simple custody arrangements, often called ‘spend time arrangements,’ that allow both parents to spend time with their children. However, what happens when one parent doesn’t believe that the other parent can provide a safe environment for their child(ren)? What if there are real concerns about…

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Do Family Law Courts View Financial Contributions and Homemakers as Equal in Property Disputes?

Property disputes

The way the family law court perceives financial contributions and the role of homemakers in property disputes has sparked intense debate. The big question in these disputes is whether family law courts treat financial contributions and homemakers’ contributions equally when dividing property. It involves evaluating and valuing non-financial contributions like homemaking, child-rearing and household management,…

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Claiming Bankruptcy to Stop a Property Settlement – What You Need to Know

Claiming Bankruptcy to Stop a Property Settlement

If a de facto spouse tried to frustrate, or prevent, a property settlement by claiming bankruptcy, it would likely leave you feeling disappointed and annoyed. Witnessing someone deliberately using bankruptcy to undermine a fair distribution of assets can be disheartening and leave you with a sense of injustice. In this article, we’ll look at one…

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What is The Role of an Executor in Estate Planning?

Estate Planning

If you’ve worked hard to build up your assets, you understand how important it is to plan for the future.  After all, you might have a business, investments, property, or other valuable or special items to consider. And you need  someone you know and trust to take care of everything you’ve worked hard for when…

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