The Role of a Property Conveyancer in Property Transfers

property conveyancer

A property purchase is an exciting time whether it’s your first home, moving to a new home or buying an investment property. Finding that perfect place which suits your needs or a purchaser who loves your home as much as you can feel like the biggest hurdle.

However, once you have made the decision to go ahead with a sale or purchase of property, there are a number of legal steps that need to be taken to finalise the transaction, including searches, reports and financial aspects.

These time-consuming and detailed procedures need to be followed precisely to ensure that the end result is completed successfully.

No one wants to experience a stressful or overwhelming situation when you should just be excited for your next step.

This is where conveyancing can help the process to move along effectively.

What is a property conveyancer?

The role of a property conveyancer is to manage this legal process of transferring the ownership and title of a property from the seller to the buyer.

They deal with the paperwork and all communications needed to complete the process. A conveyancer is responsible for communicating with the other party’s legal team, banks, real estate agents, state revenue offices and more, they are able to deal with issues as they arise, helping to reach decisions or meet deadlines.

A property conveyancer will work with you throughout the process from before signing a contract to after the transaction has been completed.

Can’t I just use a general lawyer?

The short answer is yes. But lawyers often have a range of areas they have expertise in, with conveyancing perhaps being a field they don’t practise in often.

The benefit of using a property conveyancer is that property transactions are what they carry out regularly. They understand the process inside and out and are very familiar with it, ensuring all relevant paperwork is provided and the process is accurate and timely.

A property conveyancer would be focused on any changes in law relating to property transactions and how to deal with the variety of situations that could arise.

When to employ a conveyancer’s services

Success! You’ve found the ideal home or you have a purchaser who wants to make an offer on your property.

When you sell

The real estate agent meets with you when you decide to sell, this is when you instruct your solicitors or conveyancing services to draft a contract for you.

When you buy

It is important that before you sign – either to accept or counteroffer on an agreement – you have your conveyancer check the contract. No one wants to find out later that they’ve agreed to something that they didn’t want or understand at the time of signing the contract.

You can also meet with your conveyancer before house hunting or selling your property if you need guidance in this process as well.

If you have chosen to sell or buy a property without a real estate agent, the conveyancer will be able to manage the Contract of Sale to ensure it accurately reflects the sale or purchase.

There are also other situations where conveyancing can be of benefit, including subdividing land, lease situations and mortgaging guidance.

Finding a property conveyancer

Searching online will result in a long list of law firms offering conveyancing services, but there are a few things to look for when choosing who will help you navigate property transactions with as little stress as possible.

Here are some ways of making the right choice:

Check the law firm has dedicated conveyancing staff

Knowing that a law firm has a expert property conveyancer is important to avoid employing the services of a lawyer with little experience in this area, further, a Conveyancer in a Law firm has the backing of the legal team if things become messy.

Don’t let the price of a conveyancing service make the decision for you

For the majority of homeowners the cost of the property transaction will be an important factor. However, choosing an option for no other reason than it’s cheaper could cause more problems in the long term with an inaccurate or inefficient service. Look for a fixed price service so you know exactly what the process will cost you and whether it fits into your planned budget.

Do your research

Recommendations from friends or family, or reading online reviews can also be useful in finding an experienced and effective conveyancer.

Are you looking to buy or sell a property?

Here at Joliman Lawyers, we offer a fully comprehensive, fixed-rate property conveyancing service. Working with our experienced property experts, you can feel confident that your sale and/or purchase will be smooth sailing.

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