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Joliman Lawyers are experienced Family Lawyers servicing the Beverford and surrounding community. As lawyers we know all too well that laws, legal jargon, and legal documents can feel complicated and confusing when you don’t have the knowledge to decipher them. We don’t want anyone to feel stressed or intimidated when meeting with us – in fact our goal is for you to feel supported and calm.

We aren’t just experts in our field, we’re also humans who are committed to being empathetic, courteous, and kind. We’ll help guide you to make empowered and informed decisions and we’ll work together to ensure we don’t overcomplicate things and so you leave with the best possible outcome.

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    Joliman Lawyers support Beverford and the surrounding community

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    Let us support you via our empathetic and future focused style so we can help you navigate the challenges and uncertainty when a relationship breaks down. Head over to our Family Law page for more information.

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    We will make sure your wishes are carried out when the time comes by providing sound advice and relevant legal documentation to take the stress of your loved ones in a difficult time. Please view our Wills and Estate Planning page to learn more.

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    We always aim to provide the best advice on parking offences to more serious charges and everything in between. We will make sure you’re represented and informed in all criminal matters. Visit our Criminal Lawyer page to find out more.

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    Looking for a Property Lawyer in Beverford or surrounding areas? We will provide hassle free property transfer services, conveyancing, and even rural water transfers. Visit Property Lawyers page to see how we can help.

    "We would like to thank Sharee, Charli and girls for all the kindness and caring in making a difficult job smooth and informative."

    Carolyn & Family, Swan Hill

    "Amazingly supportive and kind staff. Justine, Trevor and their staff have been absolutely fantastic during the most stressful times."

    Stacey, Echuca

    Living in Beverford, 3590

    Beverford is located in the Sunraysia Region. Beverford is an irrigated farming district with a village where citrus fruits, vegetables and grapes are grown, and Bullers winery (1952) is a local attraction.

    Why we do what we do for Murray Downs and the local community

    • We promise we will really listen to you
    • We promise to provide advice and explain your options in a way that is easy to understand
    • We promise we will always act in your best interests
    • We promise to give you straight answers, even if when the answers may not be what you want to hear
    • We promise we will always have your back – seriously

    Do you have questions? Contact us now for a complimentary and confidential 30-minute discussion. We’d love to hear from you.

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